Xbio Technology

Next Science is leading a paradigm shift with a unique, unprecedented approach to eradicating both biofilm bacteria and planktonic bacteria with a proprietary, non-toxic technology that disrupts the biofilm’s extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) matrix. This patented Xbio technology may help reduce the misuse of antibiotics and has shown no known evidence of bacterial resistance.29

Powerful. Gentle. Innovative.

Next Science believes in a healthcare world where the toughest microbial infections (bacterial, fungal, viral) are treated effectively without evading eradication through biofilms.
Additionally, treating infections should be gentle on the body and nontoxic to the environment.


Mechanism of Action

Next Science’s proprietary composition of matter patent contains technology that physically breaks down the biofilm’s protective structures, exposing and eradicating bacteria through cell lysis.

Revolutionary Results

Drawing on an extensive background in material science, Next Science is the leader in biofilm solutions with multiple in vitro and in vivo scientific and clinical studies, thorough safety testing, and effective technology delivery systems. Comprehensive and continuous research over time, applied to multiple applications, has resulted in the development of the most effective products for the disruption of biofilm.

Unlike other agents that claim to destroy biofilms, there is no known resistance to Next Science technology; variants are effective against any bacteria, persister cells or spores, and reduce the rate of biofilm recurrence over 100 times. 39

Limitless Potential

Next Science has created a rapid-acting technology with superior efficacy for both planktonic and biofilm bacterial forms. Xbio is gentle, has low toxicity, and has a favorable environmental impact. Learn more about our pipeline opportunities.