Last Line of Defense Against Surgical Site Infections

Biofilm can form at the incision site in less than one hour and lead to a surgical site infection. These infections can have serious prolonged health implications and lengthen a patient’s hospital stay.

SURGX Sterile Antimicrobial Gel is designed to help reduce surgical site and post-surgical infections by destroying planktonic and biofilm based bacteria within the gel. The proprietary XBIO formulation conforms to the post-operative wound to provide proven broad-spectrum efficacy and prevent surface attachment of free-floating bacteria, with sustained effectiveness for up to 5 days.13

Product Features

– Up to 7 log reduction within 2 minutes14
– No known antimicrobial resistance
– Broad spectrum efficacy14
– Sustained efficacy up to 5 days13
– Non-toxic*
* when used as per the IFU

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Mechanism of Action

SURGX uses patented XBIO Technology to attack biofilm structures, breaking the strong metallic bonds that hold the EPS together. This exposes the bacteria within the biofilm and makes them more vulnerable to attack and eradication. Bacteria that are enveloped within the biofilm disruption technology then experience cell lysis through a high osmolarity imbalance across the bacterial cell membrane and wall. XBIO Technology’s broad-spectrum efficacy helps defend from biofilm reformation.

Surgeon Testimonials

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