SURGX® is a powerful antimicrobial gel designed to reduce surgical site and post-surgical infections by destroying planktonic and biofilm encased bacteria. Using Next Science’s patented, non-toxic XBIO® technology, SURGX conforms to post-operative wounds to prevent surface attachment of free-floating bacteria, eliminate pathogens in the gel and defend against recolonization.

Product Features
  • Sustained efficacy up to 5 days56
  • Up to 7 log reduction within 2 minutes57
  • Non-toxic
  • Broad spectrum efficacy57

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Instructions for Use

How to Use

Mechanism of Action

SURGX uses patented XBIO Technology to attack biofilm structures, breaking the strong metallic bonds that hold the EPS together. This exposes the bacteria within the biofilm and makes them more vulnerable to attack and eradication. Bacteria that are enveloped within the biofilm disruption technology then experience cell lysis through a high osmolarity imbalance across the bacterial cell membrane and wall. XBIO Technology’s broad-spectrum efficacy helps defend from biofilm reformation.

Product Efficacy

Studies show SURGX provides broad-spectrum efficacy and multi-log biofilm reduction of MRSA and P. aeruginosa.

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Competitive Comparison

SURGX demonstrates up to 5-day efficacy in preventing MRSA bacterial growths.

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Clinical and Scientific Evidence

Stevenson, P. Myntti, M. (2020). SurgX® in the role of SSSI prevention: Clinical Observations Supporting the Integration of Antibiofilm Strategy into Surgical Incision Management. Jacksonville, FL: Next Science.

Kim D, Namen W, Moore J, Buchanan M, Hayes V, Myntti M, Hakaim
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*It is not recommended to be used with silver dressing as SURGX will deactivate the silver, however, the combination does not pose a risk to the patient.

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