Start Your Healing Journey Day 1

BLASTX Antimicrobial Wound Gel provides wound management by maintaining a moist wound environment, which is conducive to wound healing. On day 1, the antimicrobial properties of the gel inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the product.

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Product Features

– Provides a moist wound environment, conducive to healing
– Biocompatible
– Prevents bacterial growth within the gel
– Broad spectrum efficacy

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Proven Efficacy

Studies show BLASTX® has strong efficacy against platonic bacteria, demonstrating a multi-log reduction from control and exhibit broad spectrum efficacy.





Targeted Healing Trajectory at 4 Weeks

(50% decrease in wound size)

BLASTX with standard of care resulted in 93% of patients reaching the targeted healing trajectory and BLASTX alone resulted in 80% of patients reaching the targeted healing trajectory.


Standard of care resulted in only 53% of patients meeting the targeted healing trajectory.

Wolcott R. Disrupting the biofilm matrix improves wound healing outcomes. J Wound Care. Aug 2015;24(8):366-71. doi:10.12968/jowc.2015.24.8.366



Wound Healing at 12 Weeks

Three times as many patients who received BLASTX achieved wound closure by 12 weeks compared to patients who received broad-spectrum triple-antibiotic, maximum-strength ointment (control).


Kim D, Namen Ii W, Moore J, et al. Clinical Assessment of a Biofilm-disrupting Agent for the Management of Chronic Wounds Compared With Standard of Care: A Therapeutic Approach. Wounds. May 2018;30(5):120-130.