The No Rinse Solution.

XPERIENCE® Advanced Surgical Irrigation – designed for use in cleansing and removal of debris and microorganisms from wound sites.

Because the best offense is a good defense!

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Product Features

– 5+ hours of ongoing, broad-spectrum efficacy
– No saline rinse required
– Compatible with all implants
– Manual or powered irrigation
– Biocompatible

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XPERIENCE has strong efficacy against planktonic bacteria, demonstrating a multi-log reduction of bacteria and exhibiting broad spectrum efficacy

XPERIENCE provides ongoing protection from bacterial colonization for 5+ hours

Retrospective Analysis have proven XPERIENCE’S efficacy in preventing PJI and SSI in the surgical setting


XPERIENCE can be used with powered or manual irrigation and is compatible with all implant types.

XPERIENCE is cleared for use in a variety of orthopedic surgeries, including arthroplasty, orthopedic trauma, spine, podiatric, and plastics.

XPERIENCE is biocompatible and shows no irritation.



Testing of the biocompatible solution showed no irritation.


XPERIENCE does not have cytotoxic effects on osteoblasts. Cell viability and bone growth and healing were shown to be more favorable compared to 10% Betadine


Emerging clinical data demonstrate the real-world patient-centered outcomes associated with the use of XPERIENCE vs. other irrigants

Compared to patients who received povidone-iodine, patients who received XPERIENCE had statistically significantly less swelling and opioid use and numerically less pain.


Proven Safety

XPERIENCE has been safety tested showing no irritation.