A Partner of Choice

With proven, experienced management and scientific leadership, Next Science is dedicated to pioneering and bringing to market patented break-through solutions that see beyond the burden of biofilm and help manage the threat of antimicrobial resistance.

Partnerships with Next Science

Next Science looks to partner with companies, organizations and research institutions that share its future-forward vision of shifting the paradigm of of dealing with bacterial and biofilm eradication. In particular, Next Science looks to build effective collaborations with commercial partners who excel in a number of different therapeutic areas for licensing.

Driven by a Singular Focus

Through an unwavering commitment to research and development, Next Science aims to be a partner of choice in solving health problems and improving the way we live. Through its proprietary technology and applications, Next Science strives to provide better and faster bacterial reduction with lower toxicity, improved tolerance and environmental compatibility. Next Science has performed sub-lethal bacterial testing to induce resistance; to date, there has been no bacterial resistance exhibited by tested organisms to its technology.29 Next Science’s goal is innovation and efficacy without compromising human or environmental safety.

A Future-forward Vision

Leveraging its composition-of-matter patents, Next Science is looking beyond the present applications of its novel Xbio technology to applications that will create a better tomorrow.