BlastXTM distributed by Oraderm now sold through the TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy network

Sydney, Australia, Thursday, 15th September 2022: Next Science Limited (ASX:NXS) (Next Science / Company) announces that TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacies across Australia are collaborating with Oraderm and Arrotex Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd to sell BlastXTM Antimicrobial Biofilm Wound gel both online and in store. This is an important collaboration providing access to our innovative technology to patients in the community.

Managing Director Judith Mitchell commented that “it has been a long held ambition of the company to find a way for Australians to access the unique benefits of the product, so we are delighted to see both the 7.5ml and the 30ml tubes, branded BlastX from Oraderm now available from the TerryWhite Chemmart network”.

BlastXTM Antimicrobial Biofilm Wound Gel is a topical hydrogel used in the treatment of burns, surgical site infections, partial and full thickness wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers. “