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A New Approach to Biofilm Removal

Bactisure was specifically designed to remove structurally resistant forms of bacteria (biofilm) through physical deconstruction of the extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) matrix, making bacteria more susceptible to traditional antibiotics and the body’s normal defense mechanisms.

Bactisure is a surgical lavage that is used to remove debris, including microorganisms, from wounds using pulsed (jet) lavage. This clear, colorless, low-odor solution has received FDA 510(k) clearance.

Active Ingredients

Active ingredients in Bactisure include ethanol (solvent), acetic acid (pH modifier), sodium acetate (buffer), benzalkonium chloride (surfactant) and water.


Bactisure is indicated for use on all wound types and does not harm human tissue.*26,27 When used as an adjunct to normal saline wound lavage, Bactisure can enhance wound irrigation and debridement processes, promoting effective removal of common bacteria found in biofilms and creating an environment for normal wound healing.28,37,38

Bactisure Surgical Lavage is more effective than current pathways used in surgery.25

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Bactisure Outperforms Normal Saline Lavage

A two-minute static application of Bactisure and a 30-second Bactisure pulsed lavage was compared to 30 seconds of saline pulsed lavage on a Tivanium substrate. The Bactisure pulsed lavage yielded a seven-log reduction in the presence of P. aeruginosa—over 100% better than saline alone.40

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Bactisure Removes Nearly Double the Bacteria as Compared to Competitors

Several species of bacterial biofilm were irrigated for two minutes with Irrisept®, Betadine® and Bactisure. Compared to its competitors, Bactisure application resulted in a greater log reduction of all bacterial species, outpacing Irrisept and Betadine by nearly double.

Powerful Partnerships

Bactisure is licensed and sold through Zimmer Biomet, a Next Science partner.

*When used as labeled.